1:1 Bespoke Coaching




A unique and intimate female mastermind to support you in evolving and expanding to your next level of professional and personal growth.


If you're a woman running a business and have a call to go deeper within yourself and who you are, to be heard and to understand yourself better so that you can grow exponentially, this is the space for you.


This mastermind is all about YOU and how you run your business and interact with yourself and others.


It's expansion and inner work for outer success including mindset, business strategy and energy.


A space to explore your deeper dynamics, patterns, constructs and beliefs.


A space to bring honesty, open up to vulnerability, be held and supported to experience deep transformations to benefit you, your business and your future.

Develop the skills to shed the past beliefs and patterns you've outgrown and create and embody new powerful ones.


Embrace the higher version of you and your created future through The Evolution of You journey.

All this professionally led in safety and with compassion of other like-minded women on a similar journey.


The Evolution of You empowerment journey includes several areas of focus that require commitment and an open mind and heart to step into the true and powerfully unabridged version of YOU.

  • Dissolve limiting Beliefs and past patterns of behaviour 

  • Remove and relax negative triggers and responses

  • Masculine & Feminine distorted pattern healing

  • Emotional expression and exploration

  • Inner Child Integration 
  •  Self-love & Acceptance

  • Self Care for Success
  • Growth and expansion Strategy

  • Sales Communication and Connectio 
  • Self-Leadership

  • Create, Invite and Receive Money

  • Healthy Boundaries 

  • Expansion Mindset 

  • Future Limitless Growth Mindset

  • Goals and Legacies

6 months of support, direction, guidance, reflections alongside shared knowledge, strategy,  mastery and energetics for success.


A space to share,  navigate and evolve as you shed the past you and step into your higher self and greater purpose, removing all limits and rising up to meet your success.

How does 1:1 coaching work?


Coaching is a safe space for you; held with professional skills, trust and that all-important accountability for long-term impact.

You don’t need to come with any pre-conceived notions or think you need to be a certain way.

You are perfectly ready for this just the way you are - whatever stage of business or growth you are at.

Just commit to showing up as you and allow yourself to really invite the personal growth you need for you and your business.

I'm offering places to 6 highly committed and conscious women.


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